“Imagine to Infinity” scholarship

This scholarship has expired on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

The “Imagine to Infinity” scholarship is an award provided by Infinity Machine Media to students currently enrolled at any accredited academic institution of any academic standing that possess a wish to go into STEM, Creative Writing, or the Art and Media fields.

Every six months, a task is given. Winners who complete this special task can expect an award of up to $250 or equivalent value. The first semi-annual Imagine to Infinity scholarship will begin taking submissions Monday, April 1, 2019 at 12:01 AM, until 12:01 AM on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

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The Objective

Science Fiction has long been a driver of high level technology, human thoughtfulness, as well as playing a role in form vs function engineering concepts. As a test to imagine the future of evolving species long into the future, The task is to imagine and create a picture of such a species and its technology.

The Task

Participants will create a rendition of an animal or other species 100,000 years from now that has achieved modern day technology in sophistication level. In addition, participants will include a short essay explaining the reasoning behind the technology:

  • Explaining what they wish to do with a degree in an Art, Creative Writing, or STEM field. (The form below)
  • Include the reasoning behind the rendition (picture), explaining each element of the art.

For the artwork:

  • Try to envision how say, a whale would manipulate a phone or communications device built by whales (Don’t worry, you have 100,000 years to slightly alter the whale. Slightly.), or imagine a society of bees, or, do go off on a tangent, showing off your world of imaginative wackiness.

Rules and Regulations

The final works must be an original work and not used for any other purpose or publication.


  • Must be an original work and not used for any other purpose or publication. The entry must come from you.
  • The final work cannot contain any graphics, works, or derivative works from any third party publication, broadcast, game, or any trademarked, copyrighted character, emblem, mascot, logo, or any such reference to such. e.g. Super Wario Land or similar. Allowed references are: “Old New York” or “Hong Konga”, or any geographical reference to today’s world.
  • The entry must not contain any material deemed inappropriate for a general audience. This includes profane language, sexual themes, mature material: extreme violence or strong propaganda overtones.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what is a good entry:

  • Entry containing your imaginative render of the future, containing your magic of a world where another species has reached sentience and their technology. It can be any other organism currently on the planet today.
  • Entry is not limited to character art, and can contain concept art containing environments, cities, towns, or any other setting you can think of.
  • Use any form of artistic media: Clay, 3D renders, traditional media ( pencil, pens, crayon, watercolor, paints, etc), digital media (Photoshop, photo-manipulation, Manga Studio, or your favorite art program)
  • Be in picture format. This means: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, or other “mainstream” format. (Please don’t send a .PSD, .AI, or .FLA, or other software format.)
  • While submissions are judged on artistic quality and expression, the essay part is also equally important. Make sure you spend an equal amount of time on the written assignment.

Submissions are no longer being taken for this scholarship, check back in August for the next opportunity!