Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Terms and Agreement


The Company

Any reference to the Company henceforth shall be referencing Infinity Machine Media, LLC.

The Task

The task is a reference toward the overall assignment description of the Scholarship contest entry. This is the assignment to be completed and validated for eligibility toward the Scholarship task.


You agree to hold harmless Infinity Machine Media, LLC from any damages or loss arising out of any activity associated with the entry process and registration, or participation in this contest. The contest, in it’s purity, holds the participant responsible for time management, entry completion, and all other situations associated with participation.

By submitting an entry, you grant Infinity Machine Media, LLC the ability to use your submission for the purposes of this contest: displaying on this website, on paper, or in the form of advertisement associated with Infinity Machine Media, LLC.

Scholarship Eligibility

The “Imagine to Infinity” scholarship is an award provided by Infinity Machine Media to students currently enrolled at any accredited academic institution of any academic standing that possess a wish to go into STEM, Creative Writing, or the Art and Media fields.

Entries not following the rules set forth in the rules section will be disqualified. This includes entries that:

  • Are not original works and are used for any other purpose or publication.
  • Contain any graphics, works, or derivative works from any third-party publication, broadcast, game, or any trademarked, copyrighted character, emblem, mascot, logo, or any such reference to such. e.g. Super Wario Land or similar. Allowed references are: “Old New York” or “Hong Konga”, or any geographical reference to today’s world.
  • Contain any material deemed inappropriate for a general audience. This includes profane language, sexual themes, mature material: extreme violence or strong propaganda overtones.
  • Are not consistent with the guidelines set forth in the task. Incomplete entries will not qualify and will be disqualified.
  • Are not current, qualifying undergraduate students at an accredited educational institution This does not include alumni. Only students that are currently enrolled in a accredited educational institution.

A valid entry follows the following criteria:

  • Entry contains your imaginative render of the future, containing your magic of a world where another species has reached sentience and their technology. It can be any other organism currently on the planet today.
  • Entry is in picture format. This means: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF, or other “mainstream” format. (Please don’t send a .PSD, .AI, or .FLA, or other software format.)
  • Entry is not limited to character art, and can contain concept art containing environments, cities, towns, or any other setting you can think of.
  • Use any form of artistic media: Clay, 3D renders, traditional media ( pencil, pens, crayon, watercolor, paints, etc), digital media (Photoshop, photo-manipulation, Manga Studio, or your favorite art program)